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Yellow River ice breaks up, yielding abundant fish

Pub Date:24-04-02 11:17 Source:chinadaily.com.cn

An event combining the gourmet food with exquisite photos in a county in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region attracted many visitors on Saturday.

Togtoh county in Hohhot, near the Yellow River, hosted the fifth Yellow River Ice Breaking Festival and the First Swan Photography and Culture Festival.

Every year, when the frozen river begins to melt, fish join the local menu in abundance. Residents cook them with special local chili peppers and fennel.

The dish, with its bright red color and tender meat, attracts people to come and savor its aroma and flavor. Togtoh county's stewed fish is highly renowned and has been included on the Hohhot municipal intangible cultural heritage list.

This year's event featured 11 cultural entertainment activities, including the Thousand-People Banquet of Stewed Fish and an intangible cultural heritage gourmet exhibition.

Editor:Qin Shuying

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