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How do countries celebrate the New Year

Pub Date:22-12-30 15:10 Source:cnanhui.org


2022 is about to say goodbye to us, and the brand new 2023 is coming soon.

January 1st, the "New Year's Day," is collectively referred to as the "beginning of the New Year" by most countries in the world. Every part of the world has its unique way of celebrating the New Year. Today we will take a brief look at how other countries celebrate it.


1. Spain: Eat 12 grapes on New Year's Eve

In Spain, on New Year's Eve, all family members get together to celebrate with music and games. As midnight approaches, as soon as the midnight bell begins to strike the first ring, everyone scrambles to eat grapes. Eating 12 grapes according to the bell symbolizes that everything goes well for you every month of the new year.

2. Argentina: The whole family takes a "New Year's bath."

Argentines believe that water is very holy. Every New Year's Day, the whole family flocks to the river to take a "New Year's bath" to wash away all the filth on their bodies.

3. Denmark: Collect broken cups and plates on New Year's Eve

In Denmark, on New Year's Eve, every household collects the fragments of cups and plates that are broken in the previous year and secretly sends them to the doorstep of a friend's house at night. On the morning of New Year's Day, if there is more debris piled up in front of someone's house, it means that his family has more friends, and their New Year must be fortunate.

4. Switzerland: Exercise to welcome the New Year

The Swiss have the habit of exercising on New Year's Day. Some of them climb mountains in groups, stand on the top of the mountain facing the ice and snow, and sing loudly about the beautiful life; Some of them ski along the long trails in the mountains as if they are looking for the road to happiness; Some of them hold stilt-walking competitions, where old and young all participate, wishing each other good health. They welcome the new year by exercising.

5. Belgium: Happy New Year, dear animal friends

In Belgium, on the morning of New Year's Day, the first thing people do in the countryside is to pay New Year's greetings to the animals. People walk to cattle, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, and other animals and convey New Year greetings to these creatures in a serious manner.


Written by Li Ruichuan

Photo by Huangshan Pine Studio

Translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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