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Anhui strengthens protection of historical, cultural resources

Pub Date:22-05-07 10:54 Source:english.anhuinews.com


East China’s Anhui province will tentatively set up a system with regional characteristics to protect and develop its historical and cultural resources by 2025, the provincial government said at a press briefing on Friday.

The government said it has unveiled a plan for strengthening protection and inheritance of historical and cultural heritage in urban and rural areas. Under the plan, a tentative system featuring tiered and categorized protection and development will be built by 2025, and it will evolve into a complete system with scientific classification, strong protection and effective management by 2035.

Anhui is rich in historical and cultural resources. Since the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), the province has improved a list of urban and rural historical and cultural resources, protected the resources in a creative way, and integrated the protection and inheritance with urban and rural development.

Thanks to the efforts, the province made remarkable achievements and set a good example of protecting and developing historical and cultural resources.

Two cities in the province have been designated as national historical and cultural cities. In addition, it is home to 81 historical and cultural cities, towns and villages at the provincial level, 400 national traditional villages, 35 historical and cultural blocks as well as 5,945 historic buildings.

The plan will provide a strong support for promoting the establishment of the system in which historical and cultural resources are categorized scientifically, protected well and managed effectively in both urban and rural areas, said the government.

Under the plan, the province will ramp up efforts to protect and develop its historical and cultural resources in several fields, including improving the management of the list of resources under protection, coordinating regional comprehensive protection, promoting the activation and utilization of targets of protection, and integrating the protection with urban and rural development.


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