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Anhui Launches 10 Self-Driving Routes

Pub Date:2018-11-15 10:19 Source:www.cnanhui.org

East China’s Anhui province has introduced ten self-driving routes to woo tourists.

These routes cover major tourist attractions around the province, with some even extending to the neighboring Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

The routes are listed as follows:

1. The Shanghai-Jiangsu-Anhui Yangtze River route: Zhenfeng Tower - Five Thousand Years’ Wenbo Park - Pingtian Lake - Datong Ancient Town - Jiuzi Scenic Area - Caishiji Scenic Area - Zhongshan Scenic Area - Jinshan Temple - Langshan Scenic Area - Dongping Forest Park

2. Anhui-Zhejiang Highway 1: Qiandao Park National Forest Park-Baiji Original Ecological Scenic Area-Huizhou Grand Canyon-Huashan Cave-Old Street-Huizhou Ancient City-Xin'an River Scenic Area

3. The Dabie Mountain self-driving Routes: Tiantangzhai Scenic Area—Yanzi River Grand Canyon—Dousha River Hot Spring Town—Tongluo Village Scenic Area—Dabie Mountain Main Peak Scenic Area—Shanlong Temple

Tiantangzhai Scenic Area- Meishan Reservoir - Dingbu Old Street - Mazongling - Huashi Township

Hengpaitou - Qingshan Township - Dushan Revolutionary Sites - Xianghongdian Reservoir - Zhufo’an Township - Huoshan Grand Canyon - Dahuaping Township

Anhui Youran Lanxi Resort - Wanxi Rift Valley - Dongshisun- Wanfo Lake Scenic Area - Shiguan Township - Tianyuewan Hot Spring Resort - Tianxia Scenic Area - Sikong Mountain - Sikong Zen Gorge

4. The route along “three mountains and two lakes”: Jiuhua Mountain—Shitai Guniujiang Scenic Area —Pingtian Lake—Shengjinhu Nature Reserve—Sanzu Temple—Tianzhu Mountain—Tianyue Bay Hot Spring Resort—Sikong Mountain - Sikong Canyon (White Deer Village)

5. The Jixi Jingzhou route: Longchuan Scenic Spot - Ancient kongling Scenic Spot - kantou Ancient Village - Jingzhou Xiaojiuhua Mountain

6. The Jianghuai route: the Yuwang Palace - Ming Emperors’ Tomb - Fengyang Mountain - Huangfu Mountain - Langya Mountain - Xiangquan Hot Spring - Bawang Temple

7. The route around the Chaohu Lake: Binhu National Wetland Park - Changlinhe Ancient Town - Zhongmiao Laoshan Island - Sangua Commune - Mawei Wetland Park - Sanhe Ancient Town - Mulan Fishing Village - Wanda Travel City

8. The route to the origin of Taoism: Linhuan Ancient Town - Liuzi Canal- Huazu Temple - Huaxilou Tower - Tianjing Palace - Zhuangzi Temple - Shouxian Ancient City Wall - Bagong Mountain Scenic Area

9.The Huangshan Mountain 218 route: Taiping Lake Scenic Area - Huangshan Furong Valley Scenic Area - Xihai Grand Canyon - Chery Tuju Huangshan Campsite - Wuxi Mountain Grand Canyon - Lucun Village Scenic Area in Yixian county- Qishu Lake - Hongcun - Xidi

10. The Sichuan-Tibet-Highway-like route in South Anhui: Chujiatan-Qinglongwan Original Ecological Scenic Area-- Luoyushan Wetland Park- Tingxi Scenic Area- Moon Bay Scenic Area


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