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Inter-Provincial Card Offers Economical Tourism Options for Yangtze River Delta Region

Pub Date:2018-10-09 09:00 Source:Global Times

For people who have free time yet thin wallets, the newly launched Yangtze River Delta region travel pass is a good choice, reported Shanghai Observer.

Initiated by the Shanghai tourism authority, the card covers 15 scenic spots in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces. With the coordination of tourism bureaus in the three provinces and one municipality, the price of the promotional card is only 199 yuan ($29), a huge discount compared with the original total price of 979 yuan if purchased separately.

The card is valid until December 30, 2019. The venues included are ecological tourism zones, which are different from the traditional "hot spots." It is necessary for potential consumers to know what sites are included in the pass. Below is a brief introduction to these scenic spots.

In Shanghai, the Four-A level Dongping National Forest Park on Chongming Island is listed, its price is 70 yuan; the Four-A level Mingzhu Lake Forest Park and Three-A level Shanghai Binhai Forest Park are also included. The prices for these venues are both 45 yuan. China adapted a Five-A evaluation system for all places of interests, with level Five the best and usually most expensive.

In Jiangsu, they are the Four-A Eco Village, 50 yuan; the Suzhou Taihu Hubin National Wetland Park, 10 yuan; Four-A Xinghua Lizhong Water Forest Park, 50 yuan; Four-A Huanghai Forest Park, 50 yuan.

In Zhejiang, there is the Five-A Xixi National Wetland Park, 80 yuan; Four-A Dongqian Lake Tourism Resort, 55 yuan; Four-A Xiazhu Lake National Wetland Park, 80 yuan; Four-A Taihu Tuying Ecological Wetland Park, 100 yuan; Tonglu Yaolin National Forest Park, 65 yuan.

In Anhui, there is the Five-A Hongcun Village, 104 yuan; Five-A Tiantangzhai Scenic Spot, 100 yuan; Four-A Qiupu River Scenic Spot, 80 yuan.

Taking advantage of China's high-speed railway system, the Yangtze River Delta region is trying to establish the same-city effect which makes traveling around the region more easy and convenient.

A joint complaint-solving system and a website will also be built to strengthen law enforcement in the area. A person and company social-credit blacklist will also be shared throughout the region to guarantee smooth operations.

This article was translated based on a report by Shanghai Observer.


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