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Yixian county approved as national-level cultural city    21-06-17 15:08
Pastoral scenery in summer    21-06-16 10:08
Good scenery brings good times    21-06-15 14:48
China estimates 124 mln passenger trips during holiday    21-06-15 08:37
Dragon Boat Festival holiday expected to generate 100 mln trips in China    21-06-11 14:56
Another high-speed railway to be built between Shanghai and Hefei    21-06-10 09:49
Memorial of CPC's 1st national congress opens in Shanghai    21-06-04 08:37
Seven tourist routes in Anhui celebrate CPC’s centenary    21-06-03 10:44
Top 100 tourist routes to experience CPC history    21-06-01 09:57
Yangtze River Delta to see rail travel peak during holiday    21-05-27 09:44
Take a sweet trip in Changfeng's "strawberry town"    21-05-24 16:43
Heart-shaped roads around Feicui Lake attract visitors    21-05-21 15:22
Tourism brings new life, income to ancient site    21-05-21 14:48
Anhui’s largest general airport project kicks off    21-05-19 10:22
1,000-year-old trees in E China Anhui Province get ‘makeover'    21-05-10 08:47
WHO endorses China's Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine, giving boost to global jab rollout    21-05-08 09:06
May Day holiday in Hefei    21-05-06 11:25
China sees 230 mln domestic tourist trips during May Day holiday    21-05-06 08:47
Yangtze River Delta railways to handle 22 mln trips during holiday    21-04-30 10:42
Chinese authorities call for strict anti-virus measures ahead of holiday    21-04-29 15:30
Relocation of high-speed rail in Anhui province a first in nation    21-04-29 14:59
Ukrainian artists stage performances at Hefei Aquarium, Anhui    21-04-28 14:32
Sea of flowers in Hefei    21-04-27 16:33
China expects 250M domestic trips during holiday    21-04-27 08:47
China to release 530 artificially bred alligators into the wild    21-04-23 14:48
Revolutionary spirit passes down in Jinzhai's "fairyland" Jiulong Mountain    21-04-21 15:20
Picturesque terraced fields in Anhui    21-04-16 14:54
Wild mandarin duck seen in Xinghua Park in Hefei    21-04-13 15:10
Milk vetch blossoms attract tourists to Lujiang    21-04-09 09:59
List puts spotlight on China's 30 most attractive cities    21-04-09 09:32
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Police on duty for senior high school entrance exam
Thousands sing red song in Maren Qifeng Scenic Area in Wuhu
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National College Entrance Examination in Anhui
A visit to a quarantine site in Anhui, China
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100-yr-old CPC member wedded to rural education
Vlog: Safeguarding cableway safety on scenic mountain
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Yixian county approved as national-level cultural city
Pastoral scenery in summer
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