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See-off ceremony held for Chinese astronauts of Shenzhou-12 mission    21-06-17 09:18
China unveils Shenzhou-12 astronauts for space station construction    21-06-16 10:32
Speech intelligence firm taps into autonomous driving    21-06-15 10:02
China's IT spending to top 2.21 trln yuan in 2021: report    21-06-15 08:38
German engineer witnesses China's auto industry transformation    21-06-10 09:04
China prepares to launch Shenzhou-12 manned spaceship    21-06-10 09:01
China aims to accelerate expansion in blockchain industry    21-06-09 14:59
Anhui shines at 2nd China-CEEC Expo    21-06-09 11:12
China releases new Mars image taken by Tianwen-1 probe    21-06-08 09:47
China presents ‘Quantum Magpie Bridge’ internationally to quadruple the speed of quantum communication    21-06-08 08:25
6G commercialization expected around 2030: Report    21-06-07 10:28
Limitless energy quest: Follow the sun    21-06-07 08:44
China's top 10 leading areas for research output in 2020    21-06-02 14:41
"Chinese artificial sun" sets new world record    21-05-31 08:50
China speech valley is the last word in AI development    21-05-21 14:47
Province is new quantum hot spot    21-05-21 14:44
Anhui's essentials: Innovation, industry    21-05-21 08:50
Lidar has laserlike focus on aviation security, operations    21-05-20 10:21
Tianzhou 2, carrier rocket transported to launchpad for liftoff    21-05-17 09:57
Subsidence area turned into tourist attraction    21-05-14 16:12
Top 10 Chinese cities by AI innovation power    21-05-10 08:41
China approves 2,473 geographical indication products    21-05-08 15:14
China launches new remote-sensing satellites    21-05-07 09:10
China launches space station core module Tianhe    21-04-30 09:43
China to launch space station core module    21-04-29 09:03
Tech fair reveals head-turning gadgets    21-04-28 15:49
Touring sci-tech fair in E China    21-04-28 09:48
Digitalization injects vitality into China's real economy    21-04-28 09:22
Chinese firms file more patent applications overseas    21-04-27 10:33
Anhui kicks off sci-tech trade fair    21-04-26 13:49
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Police on duty for senior high school entrance exam
Thousands sing red song in Maren Qifeng Scenic Area in Wuhu
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National College Entrance Examination in Anhui
A visit to a quarantine site in Anhui, China
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100-yr-old CPC member wedded to rural education
Vlog: Safeguarding cableway safety on scenic mountain
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Yixian county approved as national-level cultural city
Pastoral scenery in summer
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