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Party history education event held in Wuhu alongside Yangtze River

Pub Date:21-06-02 11:03 Source:cnanhui.org

Veterans looked back to the years of the Yangtze River Crossing Campaign which is a decisive battle in the final stage of the Chinese Civil War.

Veterans gave away books to young participants during the event.

On May 31, an educational event about the history of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was staged in the Jiangdong Ecological Park in Wuhu, Anhui Province. The event invited two 90-year-old veterans, Zhao Yude and Shi Yongliang, to tell the stories of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the Yangtze River Crossing Campaign. More than 40 young Party members from construction units, communities, and border inspection stations participated in the event and got inspired by the veterans' wartime experiences and fortitude.

Editor:Fanxi Feng

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