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Travel in Anhui in Spring

Pub Date:19-03-25 16:11 Source:www.cnanhui.org

County Abundant in Tourism Resources
Photo taken on April 19, 2019 shows flower fields in...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-22 14:54
Jiuhua Mountain Added to Global Geoparks Network
Located in Qingyang county, Jiuhua Mountain is one of the ...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-19 14:43
Splendid Views in Spring
The Dabie Mountains in April are like ...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-18 08:41
Beautiful Pingtian Lake in Spring
Pingtian Lake, located in Guichi district of Chizhou city ...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-17 09:19
A Russian's Fantasy Travel around China's Anhui
A Russian's Fantasy Travel around China's Anhui...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-16 10:49
Blooming Peonies Attract Tourists in Tongling
Tongling Fengdan Month-long Cultural Tourism Event...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-15 09:03
Old Tea Houses in Linhuan, Anhui
People drink tea in an old tea house in Linhuan town...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-12 15:21
Spring Rain Adds Beauty to Cherry Blossoms in Hefei
People rides along the Cherry Blossom Avenue ...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-11 15:28
Caishiji in Spring
The attraction boasts the largest Memorial Hall of Li Bai ...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-11 09:57
Spring Scenery in Anhui
A train runs through a sea of flowers...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-10 09:55
Feidong Turns Mine into Tourist Attraction
Tourists flock to a mine-turned-scenic-spot...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-09 10:32
Chishan Lake Nat'l Wetland Park: a Paradise of Birds
Chishan Lake National Wetland Park, located at the...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-08 10:42
Picturesque Village
Students draw pictures in Xidi village, Yixian county...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-04 10:14
Explore North Anhui
Tourists visit Huangzangyu National Forest Park ...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-03 10:30
10 Destinations You can't Miss over Qingming Festival Holiday
Of all the notable mountains in China, Mount Huangshan ...
Source:chinadaily.com.cn Pub Date:19-04-02 08:33
Campus Cherry Blossoms Attract Tourists
Tourists take photos of green cherry blossoms at the University of Science and Technology of China...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-04-01 10:20
Solar Energy Farm adjecent to Cole Flower Fields in Feidong, Anhui
Covering an area of 2,400 mu (160 hectares) ...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-03-29 09:58
Ancient Anhui Town Offers Walk into Traditional Life
On the eastern bank of the Yangtze River ...
Source:chinadaily.com.cn Pub Date:19-03-29 08:41
Hefei Bontanical Garden Packed with Visitors
A teacher takes photos of a child at ...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-03-28 10:42
Aerial View of Aili Scenic Area in Anhui
Located in the southmost of Nanling county...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-03-27 10:37
Spring Scenery in Anhui
Tourists enjoy themselves amid cole flowers...
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:19-03-27 08:47
Aerial Photos of Lu'an Tea Valley in Jinzhai, Anhui
The park includes a tea garden...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-03-26 10:12
Chinese UNESCO Site Hits Peak Tourist Season Early
The village in Huangshan, Anhui province...
Source:chinadaily.com.cn Pub Date:19-03-26 08:34
Spring Scenery of Royal Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty
It is surrounded by three walls known as King, Brick and Earth...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-03-25 15:15
Magnificent View of Dabie Mountain Area
Foziling Dam, located in Foziling Reservoir Scenic Area of Huoshan County...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-03-25 08:26
Anhui Promotes Spring Tourism
The monthlong event aims to promote Anhui's attractions...
Source:www.cnanhui.org Pub Date:19-03-22 11:06

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