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World Population Day: Anhui's Permanent Resident Population Exceeds 62 Million

Pub Date:18-07-12 10:59 Source:www.cnanhui.org

The annual World Population Day was observed on July 11, 2018. Here is an overview of features of population of East China’s Anhui province.

Statistics showed Anhui’s permanent resident population exceeded 62 million in 2017, 593,000 more than that in 2016.

Fuyang (with 8.09 million inhabitants) was the most populous city among 16 ones in the province, followed by Hefei, capital of the province, with 7.97 million inhabitants.

The most sparsely populated cities were Tongling (1.61 million), Chizhou (1.45 million) and Huangshan (1.38 miilion).

The province’s urbanization rate rose to 53.49 percent last year. Hefei posted the highest urbanization rate of 73.5 percent, with Wuhu, Huaibei and Huainan behind.

Anqing, Lu’an, Fuyang, Suzhou and Bozhou were ranked as the least urbanized cities, with the rate all below 50 percent and Bozhou even at 39.77 percent.

The province reversed a population outflow of 85,000 to the more developed regions in the past year. It has reversed population drain for five consecutive years.

Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces and Shanghai were the top three destinations for migrants from Anhui, accounting for 79.3 percent of the total. Guangdong province and Beijing ranked 4th and 5th.

With China’s adoption of the universal second-child policy at the beginning of 2016, the province’s newborn population increased by 73,000 to 876,000 in 2017.

The gender ratio at birth in Anhui was around 113 males for every 100 females.


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