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National Plan Includes 18 Anhui's Traditional Crafts

Pub Date:18-06-06 11:16 Source:www.cnanhui.org

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly released a national catalog of traditional crafts, calling for efforts to revitalize 383 traditional crafts.

East China’s Anhui province outshone most of its counterparts in the country, with 18 items inscribed on the catalog. They are listed as follows: Wangjiang cross stitching, Huanggang wickerwork, Huoqiu wickerwork, Shucheng mat knitting, 3 Huizhou carvings (brick, stone and wood carvings), Huizhou bamboo carving, Huizhou house-building, Du’s bronze carving, Wuhu iron painting, Fuyang paper cutting, Jieshou colorful clay pottery, Xuan writing brush making, Huizhou ink making, Xuan paper making, paper note making, She inkstone, Huizhou lacquerware making, and Wan’an compass making.

The then Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance unveiled The Plan on Revitalizing Chinas Traditional Crafts in March 2017, aiming to inject momentum into the protection and revitalization of Chinese traditional crafts.

The plan asked for the creation of a national catalog of traditional crafts and ordered local governments to roll out policies to revitalize their traditional crafts.


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