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Xuan Paper Making Shines at Beijing Exhibition

Pub Date:18-06-06 09:05 Source:China.org.cn

The fourth exhibition of intangible cultural heritage in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region will be held in the National Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing from June 9 to 13.

The exhibition will be the biggest intangible cultural heritage exhibition in recent years. Cultural authorities from eight provinces and cities along the Grand Canal have prepared exhibits, food and performances to provide visitors with an immersive experience and showcase the traditional culture of the Grand Canal cultural belt.

The section in Hall 1 of the exhibition center will center on cultures and traditions along the Grand Canal. As the Grand Canal flows from south to north, items that introduce the inheritors, arts and classical works from the Grand Canal will be arranged in the south-north sequence. The hall will display around 58 projects and 400 works with strong regional characteristics.

Elsewhere, Hall 11 will focus on the old town of Luhe in Tongzhou, and demonstrate Tongzhou's historical and cultural role as the sub-center of Beijing in the Grand Canal cultural belt. The hall will feature subsections of exhibits on cultural heritage protection achievements in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, cultural heritage and education, cultural heritage and creative industries, cultural heritage interactions, and cultural heritage performances.

Jiang Tingting, secretary of the CPC branch of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Center of Beijing, said the exhibition will display a batch of items closely related to local residential life, including those produced by time-honored brands such as Rong Bao Zhai, Tong Ren Tang and Quan Ju De. There will also be showcases of traditional arts and skills such as paper cutting from Wei county, Hebei province, clay pottery from Yixing, Jiangsu province, Xuan paper making from Anhui province, as well as derivatives that combine traditional arts with modern designs, such as the Lord Rabbit collection by the Beijing Design Association, the Beijing Gift collection, and some fashion collections.

Moreover, the Music Festival of Zhihua Temple as part of the intangible cultural heritage event will be held at the Beijing Cultural Exchange Museum during the exhibition period.


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