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8 Anhui Natives Inscribed on May's Chinese Good Samaritans List

Pub Date:18-06-05 10:41 Source:www.cnanhui.org

Eight residents in East China’s Anhui province were among 109 role models nationwide who made May’s list of Chinese Good Samaritans, Anhui Daily reported Tuesday.

They are listed as follows:

Chen Jiawei, a student at Anhui University who died of sudden illness and donated his organs to save five people’s life;

Wang Xunzhou, a cerebral palsy sufferer in Huangshan city who started a rehabilitation facility and has helped more than 100 children with cerebral palsy recover over the past seven years;

Liu Shiheng, a government official in Suzhou city who launched livelihood projects and raised a fund of 70,000 yuan ($10,929) to reduce poverty in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region where he worked as a dispatched cadre;

Ge Haoxin, a resident in Fuyang city who has volunteered to fund over 100 poverty-stricken students and made donations worth 2 million yuan over the past decade;

Zheng Aimei, a township head in Hefei city who died at his post after 13 years of hard work in rural areas;

Wang Xiancai, a resident in Wuhu city who has raised 1.7 million-yuan funds to help 700-odd poor students over the past decade;

Deng Lei, a policeman in Huainan city who cracked 600-plus criminal cases in 13 years and had his method of pursuing fugitives promoted nationwide;

Wang Shiben, a rural resident in Tongling city who opened a free library and has run it for seven years.


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