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Gym Teacher Suspended after Crawling Activity Leaves Kids with Injured Knees

Pub Date:18-05-14 08:35 Source:Global Times

An East China phys has been suspended for an outdoor activity that left around 30 third- graders injured.

Suzhou No.11 Primary School has suspended the physical education teacher, who was not named in reports, following accusations of abuse.

The teacher has denied the abuse allegations but admitted to negligence.

Parents complained after the students were made to crawl on a hard playground surface that left them with scraped knees and other minor injuries.

"It was corporal punishment and wasn't the first time that he had done this," one mother said.

The teacher said while that activity was in line with national physical education guidelines, he had been negligent in carrying it out. "It didn't occur to me that the ground was too hard," he told media. "I didn't tell them to slow down when they were crawling too fast."

The school told media that all the injured students involved would receive medical treatment and counseling.

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