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50 Units Ankai A8 to Arrive in Ghana for Operation

Pub Date:18-04-11 09:51 Source:www.chinabuses.org

According to Ankai, a total number of 50 units A8 travel coaches are set to arrive in Ghana soon, providing high-quality transport services for passengers.

Located in west Africa, Ghana prides itself in producing cocoas and gold. In recent years, Ghana government has been giving top priority to its infrastructure construction so as to promote its tourism industry. Against such a backdrop, the demand for buses and coaches has been rising constantly.

After arriving in Ghana, the 50 units Ankai A8 travel coaches will be immediately put into operation.

Targeted at the long-distance passenger transportation, Ankai A8 boasts high safety standards, high reliability, high fuel economy and more travel comforts for passengers.

With a more streamlined body structure, A8 possesses an awe-inspiring appearance. Having improving its fuel economy by over 15%, the vehicle fully meets the harsh working conditions in Ghana, where the temperature and humidity can both reach high levels. In addition, A8 is equipped with a number of state-of-art technologies, including intelligent management system, front collision protection, fatigue driving alarms, tire-pressure monitoring system, panoramic viewing mirrors, lane deviation alarms.

So far, Ankai has already built multi-layered service & marketing networks, aiming to further strengthen its presence in the global travel coach market. Currently, its tour buses, commuting vehicles, travel coaches, double-deckers enjoy a high visibility in over 80 countries and regions across the world, including USA, UK, France, New Zealand, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Australia.

In addition, Ankai has obtained a number of certificates abroad, including DOT certificate from USA, e/E-mark certificate from EU, GOST certificate from Russia, ADR certificate from Australia, GCC certificate from the Gulf region.


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