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70 Ankai Natural Gas Buses to Operate in Kazakhstan

Pub Date:18-04-03 09:31 Source:www.chinabuses.org

On March 19, a total number of 70 units Ankai natural gas buses boarded a freight train bound to Kazakhstan.

Thanks to the Belt-Road Initiative, Kazakhstan has been elevated to a market with strategic importance in Ankai’s overseas expansion. With extremely harsh working conditions in winter times, the country has extremely demanding requirements for vehicles.

After a thorough investigation of local conditions, Ankai has rolled out a tailor-made natural gas bus for the country with higher reliability and wider adaptability. Moreover, with better insulation measures, the vehicle is able to endure extremely low temperatures in the country and provide a cozy and warm traveling environment for passengers.

Officially entering Kazakhstan in 2008, Ankai has been maintaining a fast growing momentum in the country for the past decade, gaining increasing popularity among local operators and citizens.(www.chinabuses.org)


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