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Demo Bases for Integrative Development of Rural Industry in Wuhu

Pub Date:18-04-02 09:58 Source:www.cnanhui.org

Over the surface of the water are rows of photovoltaic glass panels paved on the frame supported by piles stuck into the water; in the water are fish and shrimp in swim. When the sun shines, the scene becomes even more attractive. There is a demonstration area of this kind, covering over 1,000 mu for both fishery and photovoltaic power generation in Daihutan ofXintang Village, Pingpu Town, Fanchang County, Wuhu City.

The photovoltaic glass panel is formally called 25WP polysilicon battery module. The electricity generated will be boosted up to 110KV for grid connection and electricity transmission. The project construction started in 2015 with an investment of 80 million US dollars from Xinyi Solar Energy (Fanchang) Co., Ltd, and the two phases of construction were completed in October 2016. The total capacity of the power plant is 70MW, and now theelectricity it can generate in a year is 70 million KWH and the income of the year is 70 million yuan.

You may wonder why we should put PV power generating modules over water. The answer is a large-scale photovoltaic power base needs a large piece of land that is hard to acquire. The proper water depth of Daihutan is good for arranging the facilities—with piles to support PV modules. In this way, the land occupancy rate has been greatly reduced without affecting the benefit of the fishery in the lake.

Why we say this will not affect the economic benefit from the water is that the temperature of the water body under the photovoltaic panel is lower, and the sunshine and ventilation are good. Those conditions are very suitable for the growth of crawfish and some special fishes. After the fishery-PV demo project was put into operation, the lake of Daihutan has produced, for instance in 2017, 120,000 kilograms of crawfish, with an output value of 4.8 million yuan, and 5,000 kilograms of derivative high quality fish valuing at 200,000 yuan. It can be described that PV panels generate electricity while the water body produces aquatic products - the two businesses set off each other.

The benefit goes not only to project owners, but also to local villagers. The annual rent of the water area is several hundred thousand yuan, which is a stable income source to the village collective economy and individual villagers. In addition, the demonstration and driving effect of the project and the enlarged employment of villagers will surely bring more benefit to localpeople.

In Xintang Village, besides the fishery-PV demo base is the rice-shrimp symbiosis base, a project invested by Wuhu Shengdian Leisure and Biological Park Co., Ltd. In this rice-shrimp symbiosis project, the paddy-field is used to grow rice once in a year and keep shrimp during the whole year. It is believed that this is a new mode of the biological, high-efficient agricultural production.

The base covers more than 1,200 mu in the village. At present, the yield per mu is 150 kilograms of crawfish and 500 kilograms of rice. Thanks to the good quality of the water, the crawfish raised there is big, and the biggest one weighs 108 grams.

At present, most of the crawfish is supplied to Shanghai and Zhejiang. The supply cannotmeet the needs of the market.

"In comparison with the field solely for growing rice, the field with one-season rice and two crawfish catches in a year can produce about 7,000 yuan more per mu.

In the near future, the size of the base will be expanded to over 10,000 mu.

A doctoral workstation is planned to be set up with the support of upper authorities to explore new ways to invigorate agriculture with science and technology.

Both the rice-shrimp project and the fishery-PV project are the achievements of the recentreform of the system of rural collective property rights. The land transfer system enables theformation of large-scale agricultural production. The development of the agriculture inspires the enthusiasm of farmers in production. A large number of migrant workers of Pingpu Town have been attracted back home.

The leader of the rice-shrimp project is a native who worked outside for many years. When he saw the opportunity in the reform of the property rights system, he returned and started this business in his hometown.

It is learned that since the reform of the system of collective property rights, more than 300 Pingpu natives have returned to launch business.

There are not only bases for fishery-PV project and rice-shrimp project in Daihutan, but also profound cultural elements. According to legend, the terrace in the center of the lake was the place where Zhou Yu used to call the muster roll of officers and assign them missions for military exercises or operations. Zhou Yu was a famous general of Wu Kingdom in the Three Kingdoms Period about 1,700 years ago.

As of now, Xinyi Solar Energy (Fanchang) Co., Ltd has invested 12 million yuan in a park dedicated to the Three Kingdoms culture. Now, a large park has been built that features farmersculture and integrated functions of leisure activity, sightseeing, experiencing and entertainment.

The fishery-PV project, the rice-shrimp project and the park project are the pilot projects of the government in exploring the possibility of the third industry integrative development by making good use of the land, history and culture resources. It is believed that the projects will surely play the role as models in promoting cultural and industrial prosperity.


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