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Amazing Jiuhua Mountain in China's Anhui

Pub Date:18-03-26 14:24 Source:China.org.cn

Located in Qingyang County in southern Anhui Province, Jiuhua Mountain is one of the Four Holy Buddhist Mountains in China. Renowned as a sacred place for pilgrimage and a Chinese cultural heritage site, it is also known as “the most worshipped sacred place.”The name “Jiuhua Mountain” means “the mountain of the nine lotuses.” An old Chinese saying goes that “a mountain is not famous for its height but for its holiness.” It is a holy land worshipped by pious pilgrims from all over the country. There are 99 peaks and 18 scenic spots in Jiuhua Mountain. The highest peak is Shiwang at 1,342 meters, located north of Tiantai peak. [China.org.cn/Photo by Sheng Wenpeng]

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