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Anhui Unveils List of 29 Tourist Towns

Pub Date:18-03-08 10:54 Source:www.cnanhui.org

The Tourism Development Commission of Anhui Province released a list of 29 tourist towns Wednesday, as part of its effort to attract more visitors to the eastern Chinese province.

Sanhe, a tourist town in Feixi county, Anhui province

This is the first batch of tourist towns the local tourism watchdog has ever issued. They are listed as follows:

Sanhe township, Feixi county

Tuohu township, Wuhe county

Xiaogang township, Fengyang county

Meishan township, Jinzhai county

Dushan township, Yu’an district

Shangtushi township, Huoshan county

Tiantangzhai township, Jinzhai county

Wanfo Lake township, Shucheng county

Jiuzi township, Jiujiang district

Jingyang township, Jingde county

Shangzhuang township, Jixi county

Yingzhou township, Jixi county

Datong township, Tongling city

Chaxi township, Qingyang county

Jiuhua township, Qingyang county

Taihu township, Taihu county

Huangwei township, Yuexi county

Yerenzhai township, Qianshan county

Tianzhu Mountain township, Qianshan county

Chengkan township, Huizhou district

Xidi township, Yixian county

Tangkou township, Huangshan district

Liyang township, Tunxi district

Qiyun township, Xiuning county

Hongcun township, Yixian county

Zhengcun township, Shexian county

Qiankou township, Huizhou district

Xiangquan township, Hexian county

Balihe River township, Yingshan county

The tourist towns will focus on characteristic tourism industries and develop into Anhui-styled recreational and travel destinations.

Anhui aims to nurture 100 tourist towns with multiple functions, complete facilities, beautiful views and harmonious interpersonal relations by 2020, said the commission.


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