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Ten Anhui Natives Inscribed on Feb's Chinese Good Samaritans List

Pub Date:18-03-06 15:35 Source:www.cnanhui.org

Ten residents in East China's Anhui province made February's list of Chinese Good Samaritans, Anhui Daily reported on Tuesday.

They are listed as follows:

Fan Debiao, principal of Hefei No.35 Middle School who has been devoted to a career in teaching Tibetan students for 17 years;

Yan Xiuqin, a rural resident in Lingbi county who managed to get her family out of poverty even though she had a paralyzed husband to take care of during the past eight years;

Wu Wei, a police officer in Fengyang county who died at work after 20 years' dedication to criminal investigation and drug control;

Chu Junqing, a villager from Mengcheng county who rescued a drowning pregnant woman and another four children;

Zhang Jiafeng, a man born in the 1980s in Guzhen county whose girlfriend having been in a vegetative state for 9 years showed signs of recuperation, thanks to his love and care;

Chen Bin, a worker in a scenic area in Shexian county who saved a woman from Xin’an River in merely around 30 seconds;

Yang Fan, a newlywed man in Huainan city who put off having children and donated his marrow to a 2-year-old baby;

Ding Defen, a resident in Dongzhi county who has worked as a volunteer over the past 13 years;

Wang Lingchen, a college teacher in Huaibei city who has gained popularity among students by using creative teaching ways for 16 years;

Ding Xueyi, a sanitation worker who has volunteered to patrol residential communities and organized five volunteer teams over the past 15 years.

The province saw the largest number of role models on the list last month.


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