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How Many Traditional Spring Festival Rituals Do You Know?

Pub Date:18-02-11 09:03 Source:chinaculture.org.cn

The second day of Zheng Yue: Married daughters visit childhood homes

In the past, married daughters would visit their parents' houses with their husbands and children on this day. Such a tradition allowed the women of the family to reunite and catch up on each other's lives. In modern times, however, it is more of a continuity of mutual visits between relatives and friends.

The 15th day of Zheng Yue: Lantern Festival


The 15th day of Zheng Yue marks the official end of the Spring Festival and is a festival in its own right – the Lantern Festival. At night, streets are decorated with lanterns featuring riddles waiting to be solved. Also on the menu is tangyuan, glutinous rice balls typically filled with sweet red bean paste, sesame paste or peanut butter.

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