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Wuhu Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Goes Global

Pub Date:18-02-01 08:54 Source:www.cnanhui.org

Wuhu Token Sciences Co., Ltd achieved remarkable achievements in foreign trade in 2017, according to the report issued recently.

Statistics showed that the export volume of the company reached 264,022,400 dollars in the first ten months in 2017, an increase of nearly 20 times year on year.

The screen of high-end smart phones and voice-controlled integrated car display touch screen, two competitive products of the company, are futuristic tech.

The leader of the company told reporters that, focusing on the new display and high-end coating products, the company has completed nearly 20 transformations of scientific and technological achievements in the past three years and all of those have been transformed into industrial production. Meanwhile, the company undertakes many ministerial and provincial sci-tech projects and industrialization projects.

The company has been sparing no expense in R & D investment to focus on technological innovation, which makes the company rank in the forefront of the industry in China and in the first echelon in the international ITO transparent conductive glass industry.

The company’s exported products continue to move towards high-end products, contributing a lot to a sustainable increase of the company’s import and export volume in recent years.

Like the choice of Wuhu Token Sciences Co., Ltd , in recent years, a large number of foreign trade enterprises in Wuhu have taken the initiative to transformed from “export more and import more ” to “export competitive products and import competitive products” , strive to optimize the export structure and enhance the export efficiency.

Based on scientific and technological innovation, these companies continue to increase investment in R & D of core technology and high-end products, which continuously enhances the competitiveness of their products in international market and increase the global share of their products.

In a word, “Wuhu intelligent manufacturing industry” is going farther and farther.

Wuhu’s foreign trade data for 2017 showed that in Jan-Nov, Wuhu’s main export commodities were mechanical and electrical products and high-tech products performed particularly remarkably.

Export volume of mechanical and electrical products reached 20.65 billion yuan, an increase of 14.1 percent. Among which, the export volume of high-tech products hit 4.01 billion yuan, up 68 percent, increasing significantly.


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