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Judgment Enforcement on Snowy Day

Pub Date:18-01-30 08:53 Source:chinadaily.com.cn

Judgment enforcement officers from the Tianchang people’s court in East China's Anhui province set out on Jan 25 after receiving a call from Ms Dou, who has applied for enforcement because of unpaid wages. Dou said she had seen the defaulter at a nearby building. [Photo by Zhou Ruiping and Yao Yongfei/People’s Court Daily]

Judgment enforcement officers seize the defaulter from the home of his mother, who was sheltering him. [Photo by Zhou Ruiping and Yao Yongfei/People’s Court Daily]

As the defaulter refused to sign the repayment agreement enforcement officers seal up his car. [Photo by Zhou Ruiping and Yao Yongfei/People’s Court Daily]


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