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Growth is More than just Data on Paper

Pub Date:18-01-04 09:21 Source:China Daily

On Tuesday, the police in Hefei, capital of East China's Anhui province, registered 45 homeless people with disabilities. Being registered with hukou, or household permits, means they can enjoy social security that grants them more convenient medical care. Southern Metropolis Daily comments:

People have widely and rightly praised the move. One popular comment on social media said that, "What happened in Hefei is making this winter much warmer."

Some say that's only a small drop in the ocean compared with the development of the whole city. No, the incident is not small, because it enabled 45 people to enjoy better lives. That's the national policy in action.

The move was also part of the nation's grand plan to lift all the poor out of poverty by the year 2020. Social security is society's minimum guarantee to its citizens. The homeless people, now that they have hukou, will be able to enjoy subsidies that are only available to local residents, as well as cheaper medical care. As a result, they have the chance to change their fates.

The move helped 45 people. In order to help more, legislators need to work hard and pay more attention to the vulnerable in society so they receive more help from the State. That's how taxpayers' money is supposed to be used.

Many cities have been pursuing economic growth and the case in Hefei should teach them a lesson. Some cities have been issuing favorable policies to businesses or paying high salaries to talented people who they believe may be able to boost local growth. That's necessary, but no less attention and care should be paid to the vulnerable members of society.

Ordinary residents, especially those living in poor conditions, should enjoy better lives.


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