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Warm up Your Winter at Mount Huangshan Hot Spring

Pub Date:17-12-15 14:05 Source:chinadaily.com.cn

Nothing makes a better getaway than a warm spring bath during this frosty season. Hot springs originate in the geothermal-heated groundwater that rises from the crust of the Earth. So some springs are rich in mineral elements which not only warm up your frigid body but are also therapeutic for certain diseases, such as skin ailments.

In ancient times, Mount Huangshan Hot Spring was called “Cinnabar Spring” and was famed as one of three “magical” hot springs, together with Huaqing Pool on Huashan Mountain and Jade Spring in Anning.

Hot springs, legendary pines, oddly shaped rock formations, seas of clouds and beautiful winter snows have won the mountain its reputation for boasting “five wonders”. Mount Huangshan Hot Spring is located at the foot of the towering Huangshan Mountain.

The spring water here has a neutral PH value of 6.6. It is said the water can enhance blood circulation, activate cells and tissues, expel fatigue and ward off ill health.


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