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Sharing Economy Turns New Page with Books

Pub Date:17-11-23 15:31 Source:chinadaily.com.cn

A staff member in a bookstore helps a reader with book borrowing service. [Photo/Chinanews.com]

"On the other hand, some books are quite expensive and readers might wish to only look up a few things without paying the full price. Then sharing book system can easily solve this problem," Huang added.

However, there is still no specific definition of "sharing book", and many problems need to be resolved in the actual operation.

Some experts claim that some alleged "sharing book" mode is just a gimmick, the same stuff with a new label.

San Shi, a writer, publisher and publishing marketing expert, thinks that, from the perspective of business mode, the nowadays "sharing book" is no difference with book borrowing service of some small bookstores that already existed long before. "As many public libraries are free of charge to borrow books, while the 'sharing bookstore' has deposit and fine system, then the 'sharing' can't be correctly defined here."

"Some people claim that, the 'sharing bookstore' is only a concept, just like the previous 'flowing bookstall' on the street, which can also be labeled as 'sharing'."

For "sharing bookstore", the most important thing is to make sure that it is profitable. Huang said that bookstore is not library, so only by making sure its profitability can "sharing book" better developed. Huang suggested that more services could be added for "sharing bookstores", such as customized book selection, improving the dining and environment of the bookstores.

San Shi believes that "sharing book" or "sharing bookstore" is a new business attempt in the book industry and the public should give it a chance. "It is a long way to go, for 'sharing book' and 'sharing bookstore'."

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