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Man Detained for Drunk Dialing 110 for Ride Home

Pub Date:17-10-13 08:35 Source:Global Times

An Anhui Province man is in police custody after he called 110 emergency services for a ride home while drunk. 

Responding police said they were about to let him off, until he started mouthing off. 

The fiasco began after the man, surnamed Wang, finished a night of drinking with friends at a restaurant on Sunday. 

At first the intoxicated Wang began trying to hail random motorists from the side of the road, Wuwei county police said.

He eventually stopped a car and demanded a ride home from the driver. Annoyed, the driver called police. 

Wang left the scene and instead turned to harassing 110 for a ride.

He was picked up after dispatch helped two squad cars locate him. 

Officers were ready to let Wang off the hook when they said he kept insisting that they escort him home. 

"He said if we refused, he would spread the news that Wuwei officers are neglectful," he said. 

Police eventually gave Wang a ride to Beicheng police station, where he was slapped with five days in detention.


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