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Furious Mom Holds Preschool Headmaster at Knifepoint over $15

Pub Date:17-09-29 08:43 Source:Global Times

A mother who pulled a knife on a kindergarten headmaster during a dispute over 100 yuan ($15) got her money back - and eight days in police detention, the Beijing Times reported.

Shocking video shows the furious mother, surnamed Wang, standing behind the seated teacher with a knife at her throat at the school in Huainan, Anhui Province on Monday. 

"You going to give back my money? You think this will solve the problem? If I can't hold on to this 100 yuan, I won't be able to hold on to any money ever," Wang can be heard shouting. 

The teacher, who appears to remain quite calm, relents and asks for her wallet, the 71-second clip shows. 

Huainan police said Wang decided to withdraw her child's enrollment from the kindergarten after paying a 100 yuan fee for the child's sleeping mat and bedding. 

Wang became violent when she was told she could not be refunded for the bedding. 

"The headmaster agreed at first," an officer surnamed Li with Huainan's Yuannan police station told the Beijing Times, "but when she saw the bedding was a little dirty, she said there was no way she could refund her because other parents wouldn't want it."

Wang left the scene after she was returned the money. Police later took Wang into custody for the incident. She will serve eight days in detention, police said. 


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