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Boy Survives after Mom Mistakenly Gives Him IV Containing Laundry Detergent

Pub Date:17-09-28 08:57 Source:Global Times

A boy in Fuyang, Anhui Province who was mistakenly given an IV drip containing laundry detergent is in stable condition. 

The 4-year-old was treated for blood poisoning after receiving the tainted IV drip on September 19, media reported. 

The boy had been receiving IV treatments at home for respiratory problems when his mother accidentally grabbed the wrong fluid bag.

His mother told doctors that they boy's 8-year-old sister had been playing by her side as she did laundry when she injected soapy water into an empty IV bag. 

When it was time to change the boy's IV bag, the mother mistook it for his medication. 

"About 10 minutes later, my boy suddenly started saying his arm hurt," said the mother. "It didn't look swollen … so I checked the drip and noticed little grains inside. That's when I realized it was probably detergent water." 

He was later transferred to Anhui Province Children's Hospital (APCH), where the boy eventually underwent nearly 12 hours of blood purification treatment. 

 "After experiencing this ordeal, his [previous respiratory problems] developed into severe pneumonia," said Xu Daliang, deputy director of nephrology at APCH.  

The boy is in stable condition and his recovery is being monitored, Xu added.  


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