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It’s Boom Time for Bed and Breakfasts

Pub Date:17-09-28 08:32 Source:Xinhua

Bed and breakfasts are looking forward to a roaring trade during China’s Golden Week.

Golden Week, or the National Day holiday, is one of only two weeklong holidays in the country, the other being Spring Festival.

People will have an extra day off this year, as Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 4, bringing the total number of days off to eight.

Most Chinese use the holiday to travel, while the Spring Festival is mostly reserved for family reunions.

Booking a B&B, and especially renting an entire villa, has become increasingly popular.

“Compared with traditional hotels, B&Bs offer specialized services and rooms. Not only can we stay with locals, but we can also cook with friends there,” said Ms Dai, who has booked a villa with five friends for the upcoming holiday.

Dai and her friends plan to travel to Lugu Lake, a popular tourist destination in southwest China’s Yunnan Province. A night at the villa costs about 1,300 yuan (US$197) in total for Ms Dai and her five friends.

Data from B&B booking platform Tujia.com showed reservations ahead of this year’s Golden Week surged fourfold from a year ago. Bookings for villas rose even higher, about five times last year’s number.

The average price of a B&B per night is 557 yuan. The most expensive reservation on Tujia was for a villa in Shenzhen, which was 38,000 yuan for seven days. Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu are the top three destinations for B&B travelers.

Xu Yingyan, who runs a B&B in a town in Huangshan, a city in east China’s Anhui Province, said all of her 58 rooms have been booked for the holiday. “Most tourists are on family vacation or are traveling with friends, and some even choose to stay for seven days.”


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