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Conch and Chery Were Ranked among the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in 2017

Pub Date:17-09-21 09:10 Source:www.wuhu.gov.cn

On September 10, the China Enterprise Confederation(CEC)and the China Enterprise Directors Association(CEDA)released a list of "the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises " for the 16th consecutive year. Conch Group and Chery Automobile continued to rank on the list.

It is reported that operating revenue of all the enterprises this year has been raised to at least 28.311 billion yuan RMB, which hit a historical high. It had been increased considerably over the previous year by 3.965 billion yuan RMB, which has been the largest growth since 2002 when the list was set.

The total operating revenue of the 500 enterprises in 2017 exceeded 60 trillion yuan RMB for the first time. It reached 64 trillion yuan RMB, which was equivalent to 86% of China"s GDP in 2016. There were 157 enterprises whose operating revenue was over 100 billion yuan RMB. Compared to the figure last year 5 more enterprises went into the list this year.. Especially, the State Grid Corporation, the only tycoon enterprise in China whose operating revenue was over 2 trillion yuan RMB, was the second largest company in the world except Wal-Mart in the U.S.A.

14 enterprises in Anhui province were on the list this year. Anhui Conch Group Co., Ltd, which was headquartered in Wuhu, was ranked the second in Anhui and the 158th among all the enterprises with an operating revenue of 98.65 billion yuan RMB; Chery Automobile Co., Ltd was ranked the tenth in Anhui and the 429th on the list with an operating revenue of 32.96 billion yuan RMB.


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