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Sci-Tech Innovation Drives Agricultural Province up

Pub Date:17-08-31 10:42 Source:www.cnanhui.org

Judging from economic data the local statistics bureau unveiled in the first half of 2017, Anhui, one of China’s major agricultural provinces now driven by innovation, is going to catch up.

The hi-tech industrial output rose 19.6 percent year on year between January and June, marking a fourth consecutive annual increase. It contributed to 65 percent of the province’s industrial growth rate, up from 59.7 percent a year earlier.

“New growth drivers are becoming a major force behind economic growth, “ Zhang Shuguang, an official with Anhui Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology said.

Thanks to the innovation-driven development strategy, the agricultural province is seeing an economic boom.

The number of hi-tech enterprises surged from 1,742 in 2012 to 3,863 in 2016, bringing Anhui to the 8th place in the country.

The province’s electronic information sector outshone the rest 39 sectors with a 27.7 percent year-on-year increase in output and a 15.6 percent share of the entire industrial growth.

Since 2013, the province has introduced many talent incentives to help boost its innovation-driven development.

The number of high-caliber talents attracted to the province has increased by 30 percent year by year over the past five years. More than 1,000 top scientists and engineers from across the globe are working here.

Back on August 10, a team from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) led by Pan Jianwei, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, announced that China’s quantum communications satellite, also the first one in the world, successfully achieved three preset scientific goals ahead of time.

The municipal government of Hefei, capital of Anhui, where the university is based, gave over 1 billion yuan (about $149 million) to Pan’s team as financial support for their researches on quantum communications.

Sci-tech innovation is dubbed “Project No. 1” in Anhui, said Xia Ji, deputy director of the Administration of Innovation of the provincial government.


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