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China's First AI-Assisted Treatment Center Opens in Anhui

Pub Date:17-08-22 08:21 Source:CNTV

CGTN photo

China's first artificial intelligence assisted treatment center opened in Hefei, the capital of eastern China's Anhui Province on Sunday. It will carry out research to guide machine-learning, such as recognizing messages and using visual neural networks to solve problems.

The center features a voice-based information system, a computer-aided medical image diagnosis system and some other cutting-edge equipment. Studying multitudes of hospital imaging data, and two million real electronic patient cases, the system is expected to improve detection rates.

AI serves not only as a helping hand but also as a competitor for doctors. It takes a doctor about half an hour to scrutinize over 300 medical images, but through the artificial intelligence system, it only takes a few seconds.

The AI-assisted treatment simplifies the process of uploading imaging data, making a prescription, and developing new applications with technological achievements. It can ultimately be a vital solution for insufficient medical resources and could prove to be a giant step for China's medical treatment.


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