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Grassroots Women's Federations in Anhui Provide Help for Start-ups

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Grassroots Women's Federations Provide Boost to E China Start-ups
Hu Yuanqing (R) and another Anhui woman gather leaves at a local plantation. [China Women's News]

Grassroots women's federations affiliated to private and social organizations in Xuancheng, east China's Anhui Province, have in recent months been helping female entrepreneurs.

In March last year, Xuancheng Women's Federation of Anhui Province co-issued its Proposals on Strengthening the Construction of Women's Federations in Non-public Economic and Social Organizations with other municipal governmental organizations.

Since then, 386 grassroots women's federations have been established based on the principles of flexibility, diversity, adaptation and functionalism.

A Female Entrepreneur's Story

Jixi County, Anhui, is the birthplace of Huizhou Culture, and it boasts abundant historical and cultural relics as well as tourist resources.

Entrepreneur Hu Yuanqing returned to Jixi in 2016 from Shanghai, where she had worked for more than a decade.

What appealed to Hu most was the time-honored Huizhou Culture and well-renowned local and specialist products.

Soon, Hu grew up from an e-commerce businesswoman to the head of an e-commerce entrepreneurship site.

In May, Hu was named president of Huiguniang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association as well as president of the women's federation of the association.

Hu and more than 100 association members have promoted the local innovation and entrepreneurship vigorously.

They helped poverty-stricken households in mountainous areas, established online business platforms and designed unified packaging for agricultural and special products.

Ye Ximei, president of Jixi Women's Federation remarked, "Establishing women's federations in the entrepreneurship association is not only a part of reform in village and town regionalization but also a service for business females. Absorbing more businesswomen into the leadership of the federations facilitates providing more professional and targeted services."

Efforts by Xuancheng Women's Federation

In the first half of 2017, the 0563 Makers Street, Women Entrepreneurship Association and a Women's Home center were set up in Xuancheng.

"Group Innovation Space is like a pregnant mother who produces and supplies the nutrients necessary for grassroots entrepreneurs to incubate their dreams," commented Zhang Yong, the investor of the Makers Street.

"In such a full-swing innovation and entrepreneurship era, women are brave and intelligent enough to stand at the forefront. Grassroots women's federations will endow female dreamers with soaring wings," Zhang added.

In the two months after, cooperation and mutual aid between the attendees have become more frequent and closer. Various sharing and training activities centered on female entrepreneurship have been held, which have involved the active participation of men, too.

"We are in an age of sharing, though the activities have been held in the name of women, they show men the process of women's growth as well. Women and men can join hands and achieve win-win results in cooperation and growth," the boss for the Makers Street explained.

According to Xuancheng Women's Federation, sound regulations and systems have been set up.

In the coming three years, more efforts will be stepped up to establish an online and offline interactive and interconnecting system.

"Our ultimate goal is to set good examples and mobilize more women to participate in the construction of a better city," Biao Mingcui, president of Xuancheng Women's Federation concluded.


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