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Classic Luzhou Opera ‘Qingyiyuan’ to be Staged in Beijing

Pub Date:17-08-04 08:51 Source:Global Times

The classic Luzhou opera Qingyiyuan will be staged at Beijing's Chang'an Theater for the first time in 60 years Saturday, the performance's production company, the Hefei Yuzhongyu Culture Company, announced in a press release Wednesday.  

Luzhou opera, listed as a national level intangible heritage in 2006, is quite popular in cities in East China's Anhui Province. 

Traditional performances often feature small groups of three to five performers and feature stories adapted from folk stories about simple and brave characters. 

Qingyiyuan (lit. good feeling) for instance, tells a simple story about repaying the kindness of others. 

According to Xuan Xiangyou, the show's producer, the performance is being funded through the concerted effort of the troupe and other opera troupes.  


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