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CPC Strengthens Party over Past Five Years

Pub Date:17-07-20 08:59 Source:China Daily

Editor's note:

"To forge iron, one must be strong." When President and Party chief Xi Jinping first referred to this idiom in 2012, it was highlighted both within the country and around the world. Five years on, what has the Party done to make itself stronger to help the Chinese people lead a better life?

Faith as calcium supplement to mind

Ideology and faith are like calcium for communists' minds. We must strengthen ideological and political construction, and establish a correct world view, view of life and value set, which can act as a master switch.

— Xi addressing a videophone conference on plans for the second batch of the 'mass line' campaign on Jan 20, 2014

A good example is the best sermon: CPC strengthens Party over past five years

Huang Danian, a geophysicist who returned to China seven years ago from Britain and contributed greatly to deep earth exploration technology, died of bile duct cancer at the age of 58 in January. [Photo/Xinhua]

Huang Danian, a famous scientist who died at 58, is a latest role model that Party members and people look up to for inspiration. 

Huang, known for his expertise in deep earth exploration technology, studied and worked in the United Kingdom for 18 years before returning to China in 2009. In the ensuing years, he helped China soar in a number of technical fields, transforming the nation into one of the world's leaders in deep earth exploration.

Wasting no time, Huang holed up in his office working day and night, with only two to three hours of sleep a day, earning him the deserved title of "workaholic". Overtime working wrecked his health and he died of bile duct cancer on Jan 8.

Xi has asked all to learn from Huang's patriotism, professional dedication, indifference to fame and wealth, and fulfilling duties faithfully.

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