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Anhui Encourages People to ‘Adopt’ Historical Hui-style Buildings

Pub Date:17-07-14 14:40 Source:People's Daily

(Screenshot of Hui-style buildings)

Anhui province officially launched a new policy to preserve historical Hui-style buildings and encourage individuals to "adopt" them.

The policy requires the local government to conduct a census on the historical buildings in their administrative areas. Those that reflect historical features and local characteristics will be identified and be preserved.

Organizations and individuals will be encouraged to participate in the protection of historical buildings, including buying, renting, or adopting them. The historical buildings will be used as memorials, exhibition halls, museums, as well as for cultural and creative industries.

China has approved 129 "historical and cultural cities" in 2016. Anhui's Haozhou and Anqing; and She, Shou, and Jixi counties were ranked among them.


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