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China’s Cultural Heritage Day to Exhibit Shuangdun Unearthed Cultural Relics

Pub Date:17-06-06 16:47 Source:www.cnanhui.org

Shuangdun cultural relics will be displayed on 2017 China Cultural Heritage Day in Bengbu, Anhui province from June 8th to 10th. The theme of the exhibition combines the Belt and Road Initiative with intangible cultural heritages protection.

In accordance with the State Council direction deployment, Anhui firstly investigated China’s portable antiquities from 2012 to 2016. Anhui set up 78 investigation institutions and enrolled 2,015 investigators. 47,000 state-owned enterprises were surveyed.

As shown in the survey, there were 394 enterprises collecting cultural relics in Anhui. They actually collected 1,158,334 relics of various kinds such as copper, porcelain and pottery. Anhui Museum collected 313,335 cultural relics. In terms of museum collection, Bengbu, Huangshan and Fuyang were top three prefecture-level cities in Anhui province, with 177,737, 154,783, 131,487 relics respectively.

The exhibition will display plentiful cultural relics, mainly including five most precious treasures of Bengbu Museum and Shuangdun unearthed cultural relics. Bengbu’s excellent intangible cultural relics and traditional folk arts will be displayed.

At the showcase, there will be a serious of activities such as cultural relics photos exhibition, seminar on Shuangdun Site and civilization along the Huaihe River, archaeological site tour for teenagers. Besides, some intangible cultural projects will be exhibited in schools or military camps. The excavation of Shuangdun Site will be introduced by researcher in the Institute of Archaeology of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) .

Located at Shuangdun Village, Xiaobengbu Town, Bengbu Ciy, Shuangdun Neolithic Site was found when Bengbu Museum investigated cultural relics in 1985. A large number of potteries, artifacts, antlers and mussels were excavated successively from 1991 to 1992, expanding scholars’ knowledge of culture in Neolithic Age.(by Jiang Xueting)


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