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Anhui Improves Air Quality

Pub Date:17-06-02 11:23 Source:www.cnanhui.org

Located near a scenic spot, Shuihu Road in Shushan district, Hefei, capital city of East China’s Anhui province, boasts fantastic views. However, a couple of days ago, some residents complained that two restaurants in their community emitted kitchen fumes illegitimately and caused air pollution.

Upon receiving the complaints, the local environmental watchdog and market supervisor raided the restaurants, imposing business suspension and ordering rectification of the illegal practice.

What happened on Shuihu Road was not an individual case as a province-wide campaign has been launched to improve urban environment.

In 2013, the provincial government released a plan to combat air pollution. Under the plan, the province has taken a slew of measures to control industrial pollution as well as pollution caused by vehicle emissions, coal burning, building dust and straw combustion.

Another plan was mapped out in 2016, aiming to reduce water contamination and ensure the safety of drinking water.

Meanwhile, environmental authorities went on an inspection tour to 16 cities to crack down on violations. They pledged to continue with the inspection every two years, in a bid to resolve environmental issues.

Thanks to those efforts, Anhui is seeing an upturn in air quality and 96.5 percent of its urban water sources are up to standard.

The province’s energy consumption per unit of GDP dropped 21.4 percent from 2011 to 2015, or 4.9 percent on a yearly basis, official statistics showed.

From this year on, guided by an action plan on “Green Development” , the province will step up efforts to develop green, circular and low-carbon economy, improve systems and mechanisms for environmental protection, and push ahead with the building of “Green Anhui”.


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