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Anhui Improves Cultural Environment for Children

Pub Date:17-06-01 10:58 Source:www.cnanhui.org

Anhui province has continuously improved the cultural environment for children since last year, according to Anhui Provincial Bureau of Statistics.

In 2016, the awareness rate of family education in Anhui reached 89%, an increase of 2.1% over last year. “Children’ s Home” covered 71% of urban and rural areas, up 1.9%. The number of family social workers reached 24 thousand, 9 thousand more than last year.

Cultural works for children have become increasingly abundant. In 2016, various books for children were 39.31 million, an increase of 19.25 million over 2015. Journals for children were 18.71 million, 8,200 thousand journals more than last year. Audio-visual products for children were 148 thousand, an increase of 23 thousand. Children programs acted on video and television were 6,862 hours and 12,233 hours respectively. 468 hours increased in video programs, and 737 hours increased in television programs. 4 radio & television programs and 5 cartoons were rewarded. For example, the children film A Summer at Grandpa s won a prize at 25th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival.

In Anhui, public libraries, cultural centers, museums, memorial halls, peasant cultural gardens and public electronic reading rooms were open to public and free of charge. Last year, 1.14 million juveniles visited science museums, an increase of 935 thousand over 2010. About 8.36 million juveniles visited museums, 3.36 million more than 2010. Besides, 3.9 million children read books in public libraries, an increase of 1.87 million.

Preschool education for children developed rapidly. In 2016, there were 2,982 public kindergartens, 1,883 more than 2010. Public kindergartens covered 99% of villages and towns. The rate of kindergarten enrollment rose from 48.5% in 2010 to 84.3% in 2016, up 35.8%. The number of kids in kindergartens was 1,927 thousand in which the percentage of girls was 46.4%, up 2.5% over 2010.(by Jiang Xueting)


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