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Industrial Innovation in Aircraft Manufacturing In Wuhu

Pub Date:17-05-31 08:39 Source:wuhunews.cn

CETC Diamond Aircraft Co., Ltd has set up a R&D team of more than 40 professionals. The company has invited renowned professors from BUAA and NUAA and worked with Graz University in Austria. In the way of production instruction and technical workshop, it has brought in over 50 foreign technical professors.

One panel working up“Multi-purpose light general airplane”is consisted of 10 members, led by Mr. Ping Lihao, doctor from Nanjing University of Science and Technology. Mr. Ping is a researcher-level senior engineer. With his personal influence, the company has attracted talents to develop models of multi-purpose special airplanes and complete the first airplane in Anhui. So far, it has applied for over 20 patents, which is expected to bring Wuhu to a leader position in general aviation industry in east China.

Survey aircraft is capable of carrying two systems, collecting data in mapping out digital and three-dimensional topography. Compared with the existing platform, it slashes the cost while greatly improving the efficiency. The survey aircraft accomplished the trial flight in January 2016. The imaging data turned out excellence.

Reconnaissance imaging aircraft is installed with small radar as fundamental equipment. It is recognized “as excellent in imaging as French-made aircraft”. The sample model made its test fly last year. The R&D team is developing unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with radar and infrared or photoelectric camera alongside with satellite and communication integration. The UAV has strong performance in alerting.

The company is engaging in developing the first hybrid light aircraft in China. The production line of composite materials used for fuselage has been authorized and it is capable of producing 35 aircraft per year. The key parts of Diamond aircraft are made domestically, such as, navigator and undercarriage.

CETC Diamond Aircraft made a deal of 30 airplane transaction in China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (namely Airshow China 2016) in Zhuhai. A group of upstream and downstream enterprises like Anhui Haery Aeroengine, Anhui AX Aviation, XOAR Aerotech have started entrepreneurship in Wuhu Aviation Industrial Park. In the beginning of 2017, Wuhu was approved by NDRC to be the first 26 comprehensive pilot cities in general aviation industry.


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