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26 Projects on China Tourism Projects List

Pub Date:17-05-23 10:43 Source:www.cnanhui.org

26 Anhui’s tourism projects were selected in 2017 China Preferable Tourism Projects List by China National Tourism Administration and 12 financial institutions.

In Anhui province, Liu Mingchuan Former Residence, one of cross-Strait cultural exchange bases, infrastructural project in Xiaogang Village and Sichuan-Tibet highway in South Anhui were selected.

Our selected tourism projects comprised scenic spots renewal, ecological tourism, rural tourism, tourist towns and leisure resorts.

Provincial tourism departments and related bank branches should construct cooperation mechanism, initiating tourism projects and negotiating on practical issues, so as to serve for investment attraction and financing. Meanwhile, bank branches need to review selected tourism projects as soon as possible in order to push forward the progress of projects within the limits of laws and regulations, according to China National Tourism Administration.(by Jiang Xueting)


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