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Pub Date:17-05-18 08:33 Source:Global Times

"Lu said that he would only return my daughter after I repaid the debt I owed him."

So said a man surnamed Shen who had a debt dispute with a man surnamed Lu. On July 9, 2016, Lu and his wife lured Shen's 6-year-old daughter into their vehicle on the pretext of taking her swimming and drove her to their temporary home in Fangshan district. Lu then called Shen at 8 pm and demanded that he give back the money he owed for the safe return of his daughter. Sometime during the night, Lu drove the child to his hometown in Anhui Province. Shen called the police. However, worried for the safety of his daughter, Shen paid Lu 100,000 yuan ($14,516) the next morning. Lu brought Shen's daughter back to Beijing unharmed. However, feeling ashamed of his actions, Lu turned himself in to the police a month later. The Fangshan District People's Court sentenced Lu to six months in prison with one year's suspension. (Source: The Beijing Morning Post)


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