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40 Anhui-Based Enterprises to Participate in the 13th ICIF

Pub Date:17-05-11 11:01 Source:www.cnanhui.org

The 13th China(Shenzhen)International Cultural Industries Fair(ICIF) is held at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from May 11 to May 15. As the only international cultural industries fair at a national level, ICIF continuously develops the stepping-out of Chinese cultural products.

The exhibition area of Anhui cultural industry is located at Pavilion 2(Popular Culture Pavilion), one of night themed pavilions in the main center, covering an area of 1635.5 square kilometers. Characterized by Hui culture, the area attracts 40 enterprises of Anhui to participate exhibition.

With the theme of “beautiful Anhui, a highland of cultural innovation”, Anhui exhibition area consists of three parts: leading innovation, industry optimization and creative boutiques. Compared with the past, Anhui shows great achievements in supply-side reform and optimization of culture structure now.

Anhui exhibition area displays new technologies such as visual reality(VR), hologram and intelligent robot, attracting a large number of visitors. By virtue of VR, visitors can appreciate natural scenery of sixteen districts in Anhui Province.

To make larger cultural enterprises, we should fully display new technologies, products as well as business performances. With the purpose of promoting best cultural products, we should build an innovative culture-rich province, according to Gao Min, the director of Anhui cultural industry working group of ICIF.

In addition to 267 key investment projects, the investment promotion meeting and contract signing ceremony will be held during the exhibition.Besides, a classic Huangmeixi Opera “Tang and Song Poems” will be premiered at the art festival of ICIF.(by Jiang Xueting)


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