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Anhui Constructs over 1,000 kilometers of High-speed Railways

Pub Date:17-05-08 11:09 Source:www.cnanhui.org

Anhui province made a good start of provincial railway construction this year. The total railway investment reached 12.188 billion yuan, an increase of 84.5% year-on-year, accounting for 39.3% of the annual plan, Anhui Development and Reform Commission said on May 5th.

At present, 13 railway projects are in operation. The province constructs high-speed railways such as Wuhu-Xuancheng Section of Anhui-Jiangsu railway, Hefei-Hangzhou railway, Hefei-Anqing railway, Zhengzhou-Fuyang railway, Hangzhou-Huangshan railway and Hubei linking-up road. Common railways like Lujiang-Tongling railway and Maanshan-Zhengpugang railway are under construction. Additionally, existing railway lines and stations are reconstructed. Over 1,171 kilometers of new railways come into service, and 1,037 kilometers of high-speed railways will be built. The total investment reaches 168 billion yuan. Huaibei linking-up road and Lujiang-Tongling railway are expected to be built this year.

The construction planning lays a foundation for project implementation. This year, Anhui Province makes continuous improvements in plans. On the one hand, the province strives to list our major projects on railway construction plan of 13th Five-year Plan (2016-2020). On the other hand, the province has accomplished relevant plans, including the inter-city railway network planning and the integrated traffic hub planning,etc. Besides, some major projects, such as Beiyanjiang railway and Hefei-Ankang railway, are planned and researched in advance.

Anhui raises railway construction funds though various channels. First, the plan and coordination of long-term trust funds are strengthened. Second, the procedure of the State Council for land development procedures is implemented. Third, it’s necessary to obtain fiscal and taxation support. Additionally, the province needs to strive for national special funds and central government budgets.

At the same time,Anhui strengthens coordination and dispatching, giving a full play to coordination mechanism, so as to resolve problems in land demolition and construction. The province makes improvement in performance evaluation mechanism to ensure accomplishment of railway construction. Besides,I t’ essential to push forward work and research in preliminary stage of construction. Furthermore, all positive factors should be mobilized with the mechanism innovation.(by Jiang Xueting)


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