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Food Insider: Xiangchun, Eat It Now or Never

Pub Date:17-03-31 08:27 Source:chinadaily.com.cn

Technological advancements in vegetable production and greenhouses has made it possible to eat most vegetables all year round, but some seasonal bites still only last a little while. The small leafy xiangchun is one example.

The tender leaves of the Chinese mahogany tree, xiangchun has a very strong and rich aroma that some find hard to accept. It is also the most cherished vegetable in the fresh produce market. It's not sold by kilos, but by grams.

People usually fry xiangchun with eggs or tofu. Here are some examples to enjoy it before it disappears next month.

Tofu and xiangchun salad. Xiangchun is blanched in boiling water and then chopped into fine pieces once cooled. Mix with tofu and dressing to make this cold appetizer.

Lapi (clear potato noodles) with xiangchun, which is blanched in boiling water and then chopped into fine pieces once cool. Mix with lapi and dressing to make this cold appetizer.

Fried xiangchun with Chinese bacon and peppers. The flavor of xiangchun is well balanced by the smoky bacon and the spiciness of the peppers.

Fried xiangchun with shrimp, coated in flour and served with condiments.

Tofu and xiangchun are always good companions. You can fry them too.


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