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Two Spots in Anhui among China's 9th Batch of Nat'l Parks

Pub Date:17-03-30 15:56 Source:english.gov.cn

The State Council issued the ninth batch of national parks on March 29, covering 19 scenic spots in 12 provincial regions.

It urged authorities to protect and manage the natural resources in the parks for sustainable development.

The new national parks:

Inner Mongolia autonomous region:

Ergun national park

Heilongjiang province:

Dazhanhe river national park

Zhejiang province:

Dapanshan mountain national park

Taozhu national park

Xianhuashan mountain national park

Anhui province:

Longchuan national park

Qishan mountain — Pingtianhu lake national park

Fujian province:

Jiulongji national park

Jiangxi province:

Ruijin national park

Xiaowudang national park

Yangqishan mountain national park

Hanxianyan national park

Shandong province:

Qianfoshan mountain national park

Hubei province:

Danjiangkou reservoir national park

Hunan province:

Jiuyishan mountain — Mausoleum of Emperor Shun national park

Liye — Wulongshan mountain national park

Sichuan province:

Micangshan Grand Canyon national park

Gansu province:

Guanshan mountain and Lianhuatai national park

Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region:

Tuomuer Grand Canyon national park


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