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Mayor's Publicity Initiative should be Applauded

Pub Date:17-03-28 08:59 Source:China Daily

Yang Chunli

The mayor of the ancient town of Hule in East China's Anhui province has become an internet celebrity thanks to some beautiful photos of her posing with her female colleagues in picturesque spot in the town that were posted online. Yang Chunli told journalists in an interview that although she had been criticized by some, all she was doing was promoting the town as a tourist destination. China Youth Daily commented on Monday:

We don't know where the criticism mentioned by the mayor comes from, whether it is from other officials or the public, but no matter where it comes from, it is not necessary to care too much about it. It is not only because "tolerance is more valuable than freedom", but also because we know what officialdom is like.

The ecology of officialdom is made up of officials, but it is not determined by officials alone, but also by social awareness and social expectations.

We should be tolerant of especially those officials with innovative thinking, who initiate innovative ways of carrying out their work. Even if these ideas and methods do not always bear fruit, they should be tolerated.

A wise official strives to make a contribution and from that perspective the mayor's efforts are laudable as she has successfully raised the profile of the ancient town, which was her intention. And, from media reports, there is no hint of any corruption in either her work or her life.

Some people form an opinion that they cling to no matter what, and they are unwilling to embrace anything new. The mayor's initiative does not deserve any criticism simply because it is not what people expect of the mayor.


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