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Cao Cao Chicken

Pub Date:17-02-17 08:21 Source:Shanghai Daily

Cao Cao, a Chinese warlord in the Three Kingdoms period, also had a dish named after him.

Legend has it that when Cao stationed troops in what is today the Hefei region of Anhui Province, he fell ill from overwork. For his treatment, a doctor ordered chicken made with various herbs, which helped Cao to recover.

The recipe fries honey-glazed chicken in hot oil, and then stews the fowl in a pot filled with condiments and herbs. The meat becomes so soft that it falls off the bones.

Cao Cao chicken has evolved over the years. In Hefei nowadays, the chicken are cooked with 18 condiments and spices, including distilled white liquor, shitake mushroom, Sichuan peppercorns and cinnamon.


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