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Forum Addresses Beautiful Countryside

Pub Date:16-12-22 10:52 Source:China.org.cn

The Forum on "Comprehensive well-off society and beautiful village construction and development 2016" was held in Beijing on Dec. 18. The forum was organized by China Internet Information Center (CIIC), assisted by China Society for Environmental Science, and hosted by Beautiful Village (Beijing) Culture Co.

The Forum on "Comprehensive well-off society and beautiful village construction and development 2016" was held in Beijing on Dec. 18. [Photo/China.com.cn]

Among the total 200 people the high-profile attendants are Yin Chengjie, former deputy agriculture minister, Ren Yuling, former member of the standing committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Wang Xiaohui, editor-in-chief of CIIC, Li fugen, vice president of CIIC, Yang Limin, secretary-general of the Party committee of Guang'an City.

Attendants exchanged their views on how to tackle problems in shaping beautiful villages and countryside in China, primarily in terms of urban-rural environment protection, rural economic development, rural technological innovation, rural tourism and internet-plus agriculture.

They unanimously agreed that the forum has broadened their mind on how to further develop "beautiful villages" across China. The forum also selected a handful of model counties and star villages. The lists go as follows:

Model prefectures of "beautiful village" construction in China

Ordos (Inner Mongolia), Langfang (Hebei), Zibo (Shandong), Baoji (Shaanxi), Xianning (Hubei), Chenzhou (Hunan), Hangzhou (Zhejiang), Lishui (Zhejiang), Guang'an (Sichuan), Honghe Hani Yi Autonomous Prefect (Yunnan)

Model counties of "beautiful village" construction in China

Julu (Hebei), Jiaocheng (Shanxi), Qinshui (Shanxi), Xiping (Henan), Hanyin (Shaanxi), Liyang (Jiangsu), Huayuan (Hunan), Liuyang (Hunan), Yingshan (Sichuan), Pengzhou (Sichuan), Kangxian (Gansu), Panxian (Guizhou), Pingbian Miao Autonomous County (Yunnan), Linxiang District of Lincang (Yunnan)

Model townships of "beautiful village" construction in China

Xigang Township of Tengzhou (Shandong), Xiaomeng Township of Yanzhou District in Jining (Shandong), Jingangtai Township of Shangcheng County (Henan), Tangzhang Township of Tongshan Distrct in Xuzhou (Jiangsu), Shiyan Township of Dongtai (Jiangsu), Fenghuang Township of Zhangjiagang (Jiangsu), Chenji Township of Yizheng (Jiangsu), Chengbei Community in Rugao (Jiangsu), Dongshan Township of Daishan County (Zhejiang), Gaohong Township of Lin'an (Zhejiang), Gaoping Village of Suichang County (Zhejiang), Yandian Township of Anlu (Hubei), Nanshan County of Sanshui District in Foshan (Guangdong), Maolin Township of Yudong New Distrct in Yulin (Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region), Longhe Township of Changshou District (Chongqing), Juntang Township in Xuanhan County (Sichuan)

Model village of "beautiful village" Construction in China

Huangshandian Village of Zhoukoudian Township in Fangshan District (Beijing), Changshanzhuang Village of Mamuchi Town in Yinan County (Shandong), Huangtu Villeage of Huangtu Township in Jiangyin (Jiangsu), Gaojiatang Village of Shanchuan Town of Anji Country (Zhejiang), Chakeng Village of Huicheng Community in Xinhui (Guangdong)

Recommended destinations of village tourism with Chinese characteristics

Yancheng (Jiangsu), Fuzhou (Jiangxi), Jining (Shandong), Huangshan (Anhui), Longyan(Fujian)

Most beautiful recommended destinations of village tourism in China

Yichang (Hubei), Zhenjiang (Jiangsu), Qianxi'nanBuyi and Miao Ethnic Autonomous Prefecture (Guizhou), Gaiki (Guizhou), Pixian (Sichuan), Xianxian (Hebei), Changxing (Zhejiang), Kaihua (Zhejiang), Zhoumou (Henan), Guanyun (Jiangsu), Ningming (Guangxi), Yandu District of Yancheng (Jiangsu), Moling Community of JiangningDistrct in Nanjing (Jiangsu), Longshan Community of Changxing (Zhejiang), Chenji Township of Yizheng (Jiangsu), Fenghuangshan Scenic Area in Yi'an District of Tongling (Anhui), MingyueshanHotspring Scenic Area of Yichun (Jiangxi), Letuan Village of Shantou Community of Boshan District in Zibo (Shandong), Dongbu Village in Pingdu Economic Development Zone (Shandong), Lijiayuan Village of Daibu Township in Liyang (Jiangsu)

Model counties for construction of comprehensive well-off society

Kunshan (Jiangsu), Jinjiang (Fujian), Wafangdian (Liaoning), Changsha County (Hunan), Yinzhou District of Ningbo (Zhejiang), Zengcheng District of Guangzhou (Guagndong)

Star companies for rural environmental protection in China

Sichuan Zhongce Environmental Technologies, Jiangsu Liding Environmental Protection, Shenzhen Hexu Environmental Technologies, Ningbo Environmental Protection, Kubota Environmental Engineering (Shanghai), Jiangsu Jinzi Environmental Technologies.


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